Plastic Reusable Drinking Straws 12-Pack

Plastic Reusable Drinking Straws 12-Pack

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Plastic Reusable Drinking Straws 12-Pack
Plastic Reusable Drinking Straws 12-Pack




  • Stylish Straw 12-Pack - This bundle of colorful straws will keep you cool.  These colors match Simple Modern's tumbler colors, allowing you to mix and match with your cup. Make a new style unique to you!
  • Fits through Classic, Voyager, Scout, Cruiser and Slim Cruiser Lids; The height of the straw is perfect for any of these tumblers up to 32oz
  • Reusable, Toxin Free - Reduce the waste in our landfills by using these reusable straws; They are made of toxin free polyethylene, 100% safe to drink from
  • Dishwasher Safe - These straws are top rack dishwasher safe; We recommend that you soak them in hot soapy water to ensure the inside gets clean
  • Why Simple Modern? The S|M logo stands for more than premium drinkware; At our core, we believe that relationships are more valuable than profit; Generosity is one of our two core company values; We give a minimum of 10% of our profit away and have been able to donate product to natural disaster causes; Simple Modern products are reusable, reducing waste in our landfills; Our products are designed to simplify your life, empowering you to be a positive impact on the people around you


Frequently Asked Questions

What if there is something wrong with my product?

Your purchase will be protected by our limited lifetime warranty. If your product is defective please email for assistance.

Broken lids and drinkware that has lost its insulating properties are covered but general wear and tear like dents and scratches are not.

When will my order ship?

Orders will typically ship in 3-5 business days. Depending on which products you order, products could come separately from different fulfillment centers.

How many days should I expect for shipping?

Standard shipping orders average 4-8 business days from the time of shipment in the contiguous US.

What do I do if I have questions about my product?

For questions related to caring for your product, we have a helpful webpage ready to answer your questions at

Our support team is available to help with any of your needs via

Do you ship to international destinations?

Simple Modern will ship products to Canada, but these orders may be subject to import taxes, customs/duties, and other fees that are not included in the check out total.

Other international locations are not supported at this time.

Does Simple Modern use BPA-free and lead-free paint, ink, and powder coatings on its stainless-steel vessels?

Absolutely. Simple Modern uses only BPA-free and lead-free paint, inks, and powder coating materials on its products and subjects its paints, inks, and powder coatings to independent, third-party testing to verify they are free of BPA, lead, and other toxins.

Are Simple Modern products safe?

Of course. Simple Modern puts the quality of its products and the safety of its customers at the forefront of its innovation. Simple Modern strives to produce safe and quality products at affordable prices. We take this mission very seriously and always will.

For this reason, Simple Modern products and accessories undergo third-party consumer product testing pursuant to requirements from the Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission for child safety, and California Proposition 65.


Simple Modern is an employee-owned Oklahoma based company whose mission statement is we exist to give generously. Our desire is to make 5-star products offering remarkable value so we can give to worthy organizations making the world a better place. To hear more please check out for a video about us and more.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Lewis Wintheiser

Fit perfectly with my 16 ounce water container!

Great product to offer

Fun colors and a fresh straw once in a while definitely improve your hydrating experience

Grace Asakura
Very cute!

Good quality, and I love that they match the color of my blush tumbler!

E A Parisot
Smart and Fabulous

Reusable straws are smart by reducing trash and waste. These straws are better because they fit so many cup lids. So versatile.

Melissa Moody
Perfect and durable

They were perfect!!!! Also long enough that you can adjust to your preference just by cutting them.