We Exist to Give Generously

Our core value of generosity is at the heart of everything we do, from how we treat our employees, partners, vendors, and customers, to our affordable prices, warranties, and replacement policies.

We are also committed to giving away at least 10% of profits to various non-profit organizations, through a process that seeks input and contribution from every employee.

Why We Give

When Simple Modern’s three co-founders started the company in 2015, they didn’t know what product or service that they wanted to sell. However, they had a very clear vision for what they wanted the company’s culture to look like. They envisioned a company where relationships, excellence and generosity were priorities. This shared vision eventually led to our simple yet powerful mission statement: We exist to give generously.  

Giving Focus Areas

From day one, Simple Modern has donated 10% of annual profits to nonprofit organizations. To date, the company has given millions of dollars to nonprofit organizations who are positively impacting communities around the world. Many of these nonprofits work within one of our core giving areas:

  • Clean Drinking Water
  • Education
  • Supporting Marginalized Communities
  • Mental/Behavioral Health, Addiction, Foster/Adoption, Community Development, Refugees
  • Human Trafficking
  • Homelessness

Meet Our Giving Partners